Win This 3D Printed Batman Statue

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This Batman is July’s giveaway sponsored by

batman print giveaway

Perfect for your desk as a decoration, this Batman statue will fit in your hand at about 4-5 inches wide and 3-4 inches tall.

This was printed on my 3D printer from in silver ABS, and was then coated in sprayable black Plasti-Dip.  This gives the statue a flat black rubberized finish.

I printed the statue at 0.1 layer height with 20% infill.  I don’t think the 0.1 layer height was really beneficial to the detail of the print, and 0.2 should work just as well.  Some have printed this model with 0% infill, and I will be testing that myself.  I also printed with supports, and they popped right off.  I then cleaned up the print with some 320 sand paper and a file before coating it in Plasti-Dip.

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Once you get your Orion Delta from, download this model here and print one for yourself.

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Best of luck!