Woman, 33, Had Sex With Boy, 17, While Working With Police To Catch Men Who Have UNDERAGE SEX



(Daily Mail) – A civilian worker with a Florida police force known for its relentless pursuit of men who have underage sex has been arrested for sex with a minor.

Lisa M. Goepferich is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old

Lisa Goepferich resigned from her job with Polk County Sheriff’s Office after being accused of having sex on numerous occasions with a 17-year-old boy.

The 33-year-old admitted during questioning by her uniformed colleagues that she knew the boy was under the age of consent.

Goepferich worked as a payroll specialist with Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

The department, led by Sheriff Grady Judd, has staged numerous sting operations to trap pedophiles and men seeking sex with underage girls.

Last year in an undercover operation called ‘Last House Call’ 22 men were arrested after answering a fake advert to have sex with an underage girl

Sheriff Judd pulled no punches in his disgust at the men.

‘I call them disgusting perverts,’ he said.

‘They’re willing to chat on line, talk on the phone, to drive to, walk up and walk into your house while they think you’re away or sometimes they may think you’re there, to have sex with your children,’ the angry sheriff said.

He has so far not made any comment over the arrest of one of his staff for under age sex.

Goepferich began working for the Sheriff’s Office in June 1995 as a file clerk in human resources.

She later became a payroll specialist.

According to an arrest warrant Goepferich met the 17-year-old through a mutual friend in December.

They had sex three to five times with both Goepferich and the friend admitted they knew the boy was only 17-years-of age

Goepfrich was charged with three counts of unlawful sex with a minor.