Woman Survives 4 Days in Desert

Published April 30, 2012 | FoxNews.com

GARFIELD COUNTY , UTAH –  A Maine woman was rescued Saturday after she was stranded for four days in a remote area of the Utah desert without food in what authorities call “truly a miraculous survival,” Fox 13 reports.

59-year-old Victoria Grover was only planning on taking a short day hike while on a trip to Garfield County, Utah Tuesday, but when she did not make it back to her car before dark she decided to spend the night camping in  the desert.
When Grover began the hike back in the morning, she landed wrong when jumping off a four-foot ledge and broke her leg above the ankle.

“I was working my way back to the trail head and I jumped about three or four feet and there was a rock under the sand, it hit my leg and I had a broken leg,” Grover told Fox 13.
Grover, who suffers from Type 2 diabetes, was able to create a splint from her walking stick and crawled to a nearby creek for water.

The veteran outdoor enthusiast survived by sleeping in shade during the day and staying awake while curled up in a poncho at night. The poncho helped save her life by serving as a wind breaker, she said, adding it was the only extra warm clothing she carried.