World Doomed: College Students R More Smartest Than You, Don’t Know Current Events, But Totally Get Twerking

College students people, college students.

How many times have we had encounters with a young college student who was on their high horse about how smart they are … simply because they ‘went to college.’  Obviously, many college students are knowledgeable of current events, but it’s been my experience that the most politically active have the least knowledge of the subject material.

Certainly, lack of knowledge in a certain area wouldn’t altogether negate their intelligence in another.  Since I’ll get hate mail about this who will say that very thing.  Forgive me for assuming that some things should go without saying.

This is exhibit A in the argument that not everyone should go to college.

Is it any wonder that it’s so easy to manipulate them into thinking capitalism, freedom, and Israel are evil?

World doomed: Students know more about twerking than current events | The Daily Caller.

In a video that likely foreshadows humanity’s much-deserved destruction in a coming apocalypse, college students at George Mason University demonstrated that they are better informed about twerking than they are about current events and government.

Dan Joseph, a reporter and videographer for MRC TV, recorded interviews with students at the Virginia university in which he asked them easy questions about government, such as ‘Who is Vladimir Putin?’ and ‘Who is the U.S. Secretary of State?’

The students–who are legal adults at or beyond voting age, not kindergartners—struggled to come up with the answers, and only a few did so, even after help. Several had never heard of Putin or John Kerry.

Here’s the video goodness: