Yes, Ted Cruz Asked The Democrats For Money To Fight Trump, But …

I’ve been getting this question all day from listeners.

‘Did Ted Cruz really ask the DNC for money?’

Ted Cruz did, in fact, ask DNC operatives for money. In a mass email. To the operative’s personal email account.

In April of 2016, Ted Cruz surrogate and campaign advisor Ken Cuccinelli sent this email to Eric Bennett with the DNC:

cruz dnc

This was a mass email that went out to everyone on this Ted Cruz mailing list. Yes, you can personalize the name automatically in these email systems.

You can learn more about the defense fund that was raising money to fight Trump on the floor of the convention here.

So, did Ted Cruz ask the Democrats for money to fight Trump? Yes … technically. It just wasn’t a direct and personal request for Democrats to overthrow the nominee. It looks more like a Democrat operative registered their personal email to get inside info on the Cruz camp, and then forwarded it to their DNC email. A common tactic to gather intelligence on the opposition.

Cruz is innocent here.


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