You Tube Celebrity Tells Obama She Worries the ‘Po-Po’ Will Shoot Her Husband

One of the shining moments from Obama’s interviews yesterday was when he listened to You Tube celebrity GloZell tell him she was worried the “Po-po” (police) would shoot her husband. Obama “understands” this.

Transcript from Gateway Pundit:

GloZell: My husband is mad at me right now cuz I cut all the hoods off his hoodies.

Obama: Ha, ha, ha… I understand.

GloZell: I did that. I did that for real because I’m afraid when he goes outside that somebody might shoot and kill him. And it’s not like regular folks. It’s the po-po. I hope that this changes. How can we bridge the gap between black African-American males and white cop?

Obama: Well first of all, we always have to just remind ourselves that the overwhelming majority of police officers are doing a job well and are doing it professionally. What we also know is there are still biases in our society. And in split second situations where people have to make a quick decisions, studies have shown that African-American males are seen as more threatening which puts them in vulnerable situations.


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